Where To Buy Gua Sha Tools

Where To Buy Gua Sha Tools

Have you been wondering where to buy Gua Sha tools? The excitement around Gua Sha Tools has been growing in recent months. You have probably already heard about the benefits of adding Gua Sha to your skincare routine. Stress reduction, decreased muscle tension, improved circulation, facial slimming, and even migraine relief are just some of the positive results Gua Sha users have experienced.

It might be hard to believe that so many benefits can come from such a simple tool but the results speak for themselves. Unlike most skincare trends that have a short run of popularity before fading into obscurity, Gua Sha has been a part of traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. Despite its worldwide popularity, Gua Sha tools have been relatively unknown in the West until recently. Luckily for buyers this newfound popularity has given rise to a number of options available on the market. Here are a few of the products that we recommend:

Traditional Designs

For a traditionally shaped Gua Sha tool we recommend this product from Odacité. The wide contour at the bottom of the tool is perfect for sweeping the neck, jaw, and cheeks while the smaller curves on the side allow for gentle massaging of the eyes and browline. This tool is made from blue sodalite allowing it to stay cool during use and glide over skin easily. At $45 US it’s not the cheapest option available, but the combination of good design and solid construction earns it our recommendation.

For a budget friendly option we recommend this Gua Sha from Mei Apothecary. Although the contours are not as well designed as other more expensive options, we found that it was more than capable of handling the tasks in our Gua Sha routine. At only $12.99 it is a good entry level option for those who are interested in trying Gua Sha for the first time.

Multi Tool Sets

If you’re interested in expanding beyond traditional Gua Sha tools these multi tool sets are for you. This budget friendly option from Sephora contains a traditional Gua Sha and two other sculpting stones that each excel in specific tasks. The rose quartz pressure knob allows for more directed massaging than a traditional Gua Sha, efficiently reducing areas of puffiness. The opalite massage wand rolls across the face, loosening up muscles and promoting lymphatic drainage.

If you’re interested in jade rollers this set from Skin Gym earns our recommendation. For $49 this set includes a traditional Gua Sha alongside two jade rollers with unique designs. The first is a double sided roller featuring a large side for the neck and cheeks and a small side for the browline and eyes. The second roller features a pressure knob handle that can be used for directed massages.

Unique Designs

The rising popularity of Gua Sha tools has resulted in a number of companies developing novel designs. This heart shaped tool made of rose quartz not only looks cute but contours perfectly to the jawline. This Gua Sha features a traditional contour on one side and a comb on the other, perfect for combining both facial and scalp massage.

Luxury Options

There are a number of great Gua Sha options for those looking for something more high end. The $115 price tag for this Fascia Stimulating Tool from Pause may seem high, but it is the only product on this list that is an FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device. Its design is thicker than traditional Gua Sha tools and its stainless steel construction gives it a unique feel. If you have ever been interested in cold-therapy this option from SiO might interest you. For $115, the

CrioDrop works alongside SiO’s cold therapy energy serum (which you can buy bundled with the CrioDrop for a total price of $135) to lift the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Bottom Line 

Figuring out where to buy Gua Sha tools can feel overwhelmingly. Luckily there has never been a better time to purchase them. A number of great options exist on the market and innovative designs are sure to continue to be released. Keep an eye on our page for more information about Gua Sha, we’ll let you know about all of the latest and greatest developments as they hit the market. If you ordered one of the products from this list and are curious about how best to use it, check out our article How To Use Gua Sha Tools.

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