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Unleash your radiant, natural glow with this ancient beauty ritual

GUA SHA is the secret beauty trend celebrities and TikTok beauty influencers are using to lift, sculpt, de-puff, and keep their skin smooth and radiant.

"Gua Sha involves scraping a tool over the skin to ease tension stored in tissue. Don’t let ‘scraping’ put you off, though – the tool is usually made of jade, rose quartz or amethyst, and has rounded edges to glide painlessly across the skin. Originally a treatment for the body, the gentler Gua Sha facial is now a much-loved part of celebrity skincare routines - Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle MacPherson and even Justin Bieber are said to be fans."

Make your skin glow with a 4-step, daily Gua Sha tool routine

1) Begin with clean hands, face, and Gua Sha tool

Start by thoroughly washing your hands and drying them with a clean towel. Next, clean your Gua Sha tool with warm soapy water and dry it with a microfiber cloth or other lint-free towel. Finally use your facial cleanser of choice, gently drying off with a clean washcloth.

2) Start at the neck:

Hold your Gua Sha tools at a 30 degree angle and apply pressure while sweeping up each side of the neck. Start near your collarbone and work your up towards your jawbone. This process will help tone your neckline and release muscle stress that builds while working in front of a screen all day. Tip: Apply a light oil, cream, or serum to your face to increase lubrication.

3) Repeat:

Next, sweep your chin, cheekbones, mouth, nose, and eyelids, browline, and forehead. Relieve pressure built up in the sinuses and tension causing headaches. Your skin will achieve a radiant glow.

4) Check in with yourself:

You’re done! Take a moment to take stock of how you feel now that the Gua Sha process is complete. If this is your first time ask yourself which areas gave you the most relief. If you’ve been practicing Gua Sha for a while ask yourself where you noticed improvements. The greatest benefits from Gua Sha come from repeated practice so keep at it!

Click to watch a short video and learn how to enhance your natural beauty with Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha?

Additional Benefits of Gua Sha Therapy

Reduce Stress

Gua Sha therapy is a great way to reduce stress. Jade and Rose Quartz stones are naturally cool to the touch. The sensation it produces as you run the tool over your skin is amazingly relaxing. 

Manage Neck Pain

A study published in Pub Med Central split a group of 48 into 2 cohorts. One group was given Gua Sha therapy and the other received heating pad treatment. The Gua Sha group reported less pain than the heating pad group. 

Relieve Migraines

Another study suggests that individuals experiencing chronic headaches may benefit from Gua Sha therapy, with the subject of the study reported a marked improvement in migraines in just 14 days.

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